Welcome to the RCMG Provider Portal!

RCMG has implemented 2 Factor Authentication. Please follow the steps below when you are prompted to enter a passcode. Please reach out to providerservices@rcmg.com for any questions.

**Please see updated RCMG News Below

To register for the portal, please follow these steps: 

1. Click on "New User Registration" 

2. Enter your user information     

    a. Email address (should be a work-related email address) 

    b. User names (your email address will auto-populate. Please ensure your Username is your first initial and last              name 

    c. Password and Confirm Password (password should contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, one number, one special character 

    d. First Name and Last Name 

    e. Phone Number  

    f.  User Type                                                             

          i.   Provider: most commonly used. Please register for all NPI's affiliated with the providers and office     

          ii.   Vendor: May be used for Primary Care Practices only with multiple providers                                               

3. Select Company 

    a.  River City Medical Group 

4. Enter the Vendor (Group) ID or Name 

    a.  Search by the Vendor (Group) Tax ID (TIN), Vendor (Group) NPI and individual provider NPI's 

    b.  Select the Vendor (Group) /Provider

    c.  Click the right single arrow to move your selection to the "Selected Provider(s)"  

5. Enter the given Captcha code and click "Submit Request"  

    a.  If successful, a message will appear indicating an email has been sent for confirmation  

6. A request for registration confirmation will be sent to the email address provided 

    a.  Click the link to confirm that you registered for the Provider Portal  

7. Validated access must be granted prior to using the Provider Portal 

    a.  A RCMG administrator will validate the account and inform you of access once reviewed.


**New Claims Address Please use this address for any paper claims/claims inquiries effective June 15th, 2022

P.O. Box 869145

Plano, Tx. 75086

**ERA's and EOB's

RCMG is happy to announce the return of ERA's and EOB's! If you would like to enroll to receive ERA's, please email providerservices@rcmg.com for next steps on how to become enrolled.

**Self Service EOB's

RCMG will be transitioning claims EOB's to a new platform! If you are a current EZ NET user and download copies of your claims EOB's, please reach out to providerservices@rcmg.com to request access to the Report Library

Thank you!

Please visit the River City Medical Group website for information regarding CO-VID 19, Medicare, and more.


River City Medical Group makes utilization management decisions based on careful review of cases by medical professionals.  All medical decisions are made using evidence based guidelines. These guidelines are available upon request by calling 916-228-4300.

Each case is reviewed for appropriateness of care, verification of coverage and the allowable levels of benefits in the plan. River City Medical Group does not specifically reward practitioners or other individuals for issuing denials of coverage.  Furthermore, River City Medical Group does not offer financial incentives to utilization management decision makers to encourage decisions that would result in under-utilization of care.

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How to Use 2 Factor Authentication

  • When you log in to EZ-NET, you will be prompted to enter a passcode.
  • EZ-NET will send you an email with a 6-digit code.
  • Enter the code from the email. Ignore the QR code on the EZ-NET screen.
  • Each time you attempt to log in, you will be sent a new code.

Please contact providerservices@rcmg.com should you have any questions.

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